WONDER was founded by Mr Lu She Chang in Taiwan with name known as " Taiwan Minzu 4 Wheel Alignment System" as sole proprietor and inventor in 1970 specialize in the invention of wheel alignment system. with 3 decades of experience in the invention of the products have expanded worldwide such as USA, Canada, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand Korea and China. With the dynamic change of environment such as higher standard of living, continual support, growth of infrastructure & industry and government support in automotive industry. The demand of automotive vehicles has been increasing in unbelievable rate. Therefore safety elements have become the first priority in selecting the automotive vehicle.


In 1989, The Chairman as well as founder, Mr.Lu She Chang has penetrated into Malaysia Market. Within 17 years of commitment, Wonder has catered every state of Malaysia including east coast of Malaysia together with Singapore.

With the Royalty & continual support of customers, Wonder's manufacturer has been established as the only and first Malaysia company to manufacture Electro-Hydraulic Lift together with 4 wheel alignment system in 2003 in order to satisfy customers in areas of


Better quality products
Faster replacement & supply of spare parts
Better & competitive price
Better facilities for customers
Better & faster after sales & services



With the revolution of ideology and government system. This growth in automotive industry has increasing for the past few decades.

Therefore, Taiwan(HQ) in 1993 has established a company in Beijing, China known as "Beijing Minzu Automobile ProductionCo Ltd" to penetrate Guang Zhou and Shanghai province.

Besides that, the establishment of regional office and trading house in major cities & states to satisfy customers where all China, Taiwan and Malaysia has adopted a standardized programme for globalization.


The State-Of-Art Technology in 3 decades in 4 Wheel Alignment System and Garage equipment such as Electro Hydraulic Lift, Hydraulic Car Aligner and side Slip Tester has moved us to become major supplier Malaysia, China & Taiwan.


In 1970, Wonder had only 50 employees whereas currently we have about 300 employees around the world. This including R & D, production, marketing, after sales service,etc.

A professional one stop solution training programme to every employee with the commitment to achieve objectives as "High Technology and Quality Assurance"



Car servicing has contributed to increase safety level and eliminate technical problems of automotive industry.


In order to cooperate with car servicing centers, Wonder always bear in minds to design products which shall be


Fast in servicing
Based on industrial demand
High level of technology
User friendly in operation


This because Wonder has generated experience & concept of the system from all around the world together with our 3 decades of R & D experiences in the manufacturing of precise & accurate machinery to satisfy each market & customers.




Besides to cater automotive service center, we even have entered markets such as


Vocational school
Government department & agency eg: Army Camp
Franchise Service Centre


With the few decades of experience, Wonder would like to take this opportunity to invite your company either in Malaysia or overseas to participate our business to exchange economy, trading, cooperation etc so we can grow together.



We are glad to discuss together with the interested parties at:


Market demand/ feasibility studies
Technical training programme
After sales service programme
Adequate spare parts contribution
Continuous product information exchange

With mutual trust & confidence, we are sure on our market is there not only but in future with continual expansion.

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